Rajas Zandra


1982 241 cm (h) x 167 cm (d)

“I first went to India in 1982 with Zandra Rhodes, who has inspired this Goddess: Rajas Zandra, which means ‘spirit of movement’. This applies literally to the sculpture and to Zandra’s life as she travels the world extensively. In her hands sit musicians, men and women – this is Zandra’s empire. The lily motif and painted lady’s head on the skirt is typical of Zandra’s work. The head is a portrait from life with the famous pink hair. Zandra’s figure explores the colour and smells of India. In her hands are holders for incense cones. Bend down and you will see on her big toe one of the crystals that each Goddess possesses – stones given by Jill Smith from the Isle of Lewis.” – Andrew Logan

A freestanding sculpture made of an aluminium sheet, fibre glass, fabric, glass, glitter, found objects, and resin.

Photography by Rose Beddington.

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