The Family

Sculpture and Public Commissions

2003 122 cm x 158 cm x 36 cm

A 2003 wall piece representing the altar of Ganesha’s holy family of elephants. Ganesha God and baby Mickey Mouse are blended on this narrow, multi-faceted, tiered golden shrine, representing love and friendship.

The piece incorporates the lords of the universe of two belief traditions: Jesus Christ represents Christianity and Lord Ganesh represents Hinduism. It also combines the holy families of Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the Angels with Ganesh the Elephant God, son of Shiva and Parvati. The sculpture explodes with golden rays: its purpose is to bathe the onlooker in spiritual light.

Made of coloured glass, resin, found objects, and glitter.

Shown at Buckland Abbey (2017), ‘Memories of the Glasshouse’ (2014), Andrew Logan – An Artistic Adventure’ (2008) at The Gallery at the Ruthin Craft Centre, and the Scream Gallery, London (2006). 

Photography by Sylvain Deleu.

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